Hold on! Am I not a big support of super Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Yes, I am, madam.

Why would I write another endless post on this Hawking-Predicted-Doom anyway? Well, I thought it’s my job to defense what I’m about to devote my life to.

There are movies, even before Star Trek (by the way, have never seen any of Star Trek movie. Because of this, I was laughed by a Russian lady a month ago), predicted super intelligence in the future. And human society is surrounded by all kinds of intelligent machines that appear to have unlimited power and computational resources. Honestly, I don’t blame all the novels and movies that made this projection since Aliens and super smart electrical boxes were practically the same thing. If our real history complied with these projections, we are supposed to get at least a fully functioning smart car right now.

Well, is super AI truly dangerous? It’s hard to say. Personally, I want it to be dangerous and super evil. It’s dramatic, it’s unpredictable, it’s where the future folks make future folk songs about how the brave human challenges the authority of the super smart evil king. On the other hand, we may just end this civilization by ourselves with our own bare hands (and I say this is a much more likely scenario than Human V.S. Ultron).

I’m a half-trained AI researcher. I’m picturing something much more horrible things than the Hawking-Predicted-Doom. We are the first and probably the last kind of animals that is out of mother nature’s control. Soon, our technology will take over most of labor hours from most of working-class people. It’s not hard to see that besides a critical social welfare crisis, human-beings face a great challenge that purposely eliminate living number of people. It’s could be a plague, could be a war that heavily utilizes WMD, could even be a global natural disaster so that most of cities on earth are burnt in ashes. AN EVIL SUPER AI MAY BE YOUR BEST FRIEND BEFORE YOU REALIZED.

We are obviously over populated, and we can’t stop it in near future. Our lands are populated and poisoned badly. Everything is executed precisely by overlords of different countries consciously. And believe me, what the AI can offer is a better way of keeping this nearly-dead earth alive.

Artificial Intelligence, as an official academic subject, was established in 1956 at the famous Dartmouth Conference. Since then, this young field attracted many talents in order to realize the agenda that proposed in the conference. Yes, we are looking at a bright future and we made many progresses that over-performed human intelligence, but we have so many things to do, to carry out, to establish. Before we have our own Albert Einstein or Erwin Schrödinger, I will keep my positive minds around and laugh at the people who only understand AI from Marvel’s (yeah, and DC too) superheros movies.